ICAS: Why Cybernetic Anthropology?

We make evolutions more efficient.

Biological and cultural anthropology is the science of man - of his behaviour, his motives, his activities, his social structures, his values, his visions, his culture.

Cybernetics, or systems theory, offers a sound methodology to talk about these issues.

For a more detailed discussion see our Letter to the Visitor.


ICAS selects and collects important results from various disciplines, such as
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Sociobiology
  • Game Theory
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Economics and Sociology
These results are then structured and interconnected for a better understanding of what is going on in our world.


ICAS pursues research activities in the following fields:
  • Theory of Information, Entropy, and Time
  • Theory of Learning
  • Evolutionary Development and Synthesis
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Complexity, Self-Organization, and Emergence
  • Artificial Life
  • Learning Organizations


Applications cover a broad range, from Artificial Intelligence via Management and Consulting to Social Politics:
  • Pattern Generation
  • Evolutionary Problem Solving
  • Evolutionary Circuit Design
  • Optimization of Complex Business Processes
  • Innovation and Market
  • Just Income Distribution
  • Personal Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Problems

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